The universe is like a prophecy of time and space,

Revolving around dreams that cannot be displaced.

Manifesting fate that is destined for us all,

Like stars aligned at the dawn of night’s fall.

Is choice our decision that alters our dreams?

Or is our future just waiting to be redeemed?

What does it mean for your stars to align,

Granting visions of the mind into your timeline?

A path that intertwines, connecting fantasy,

With the world inspired within reality.

Like a series of events guiding your path,

Revealing the desires buried within your heart.

See, we all have a purpose that we must fulfill,

But finding that fact is one part of the thrill.

Navigating along life’s trail of mysteries,

Becoming one with our true identities.

A journey of will that shines down from a far,

Illuminating our fate, aligning the stars.