You know how people say: wear something bright on a rainy day to lift up the mood. Is this really true? Psychology says colors can affect your mood. It is believed that certain colors can induce specific emotions or mental states that can affect the mood, level of anxiety, or individual’s behavior in some situations.


Colors and Context

Colors can send a message to other people about who we are and how we feel. Every day when we dress in the morning, we are carefully choosing which colors to wear, how to match them and style to look appropriate, whether you are heading to the office or you are working from home.


Historically, if we decide to put colors in context, they all represent part of customs in certain countries. That is how you wear black when you go to funerals in most European countries, but you wear red in India when you are getting married. You shouldn’t forget that sometimes color can represent a form of resistance. We all remember that time when stars were wearing all-black-everything looks at the Golden Globes to raise awareness for the #metoo movement.


Finding Your Color Palette

While many people still can’t stay away from online shopping, others are well aware of what they want to wear and in which shade. Some women certainly have wardrobes where one or two shades dominate. On top of that, you can love print, bright and dark colors at the same time. So, how can one person find the color palette?


You can start by simply knowing which colors you like more. Warm or cold, muted or vibrant - these are just some adjectives that can help you pick the shades you like. This is where some rules from psychology may come true but that doesn’t mean they apply to everybody.


Color therapy is here to connect certain shades with moods. But, not all shades of the same color can represent the same mood. Bold and vibrant shades of yellow can make you feel energetic, while pastel yellow will make you feel calm.


What is a great thing you can do to connect fashion and color therapy? Experiment! You can take a look into your closet and see which of these shades you like, try to combine them, and even make some bold combinations like famous pink and yellow.


These are some of the most popular colors and which emotions are connected to them. They can help you decide what to wear tomorrow!



Represents: Love, anger, passion, and power

Red is a symbol of prosperity in many cultures, but according to psychology, it can bring out strong emotions. Certainly, this is a bold color that will make you stand out from the crowd and lift up any outfit you wear. This is a color that makes a strong first impression.



Represents: Energy, warmth, attention, and brightness

Yellow is a shade that is connected with the sun, warmth, and brightness it brings to life. You should pick this shade when you want to embrace joy and happiness. Yellow and all its shades are perfect for summertime.



Represents: Calmness, stability, sadness, and productivity

Blue as the color of the ocean and sky represents stability and calmness. It is also one of the most popular colors for workwear since it is believed to bring productivity and confidence.



Represents: Luck, nature, safety, and envy

You can wear green when you want to feel lucky. Also, it is recommended to wear it in situations where you will meet new people or start a new project.



Represents: Romance, kindness, nurturing, and calmness

Pink is bold, yet romantic. Wear it when you want to stand out from the crowd or when you want to mix it with another bright color. This is also the perfect color for celebrations, romantic evenings, or dinners.



Represents: Mystery, royalty, wealth, and imagination

Purple is unique and historically it was connected with royalty. It makes you stand out, whether you decide on light or dark shades (also known as jewel tones).



Represents: Power, boldness, mystery, and sadness.

In some cultures, black is the color of sadness, but it is also the most sophisticated color that you can wear. A little black dress, black blazer, and Chelsea boots are just some items you need in your closet.



Represents: Cleanliness, innocence, peacefulness, and emptiness

In many western cultures, white is connected with innocence and purity. It is one of those shades that will calm down any outfit, and be perfect to wear when you meet new people.